After a night in palatial luxury at the Rotherham Ibis near Bramley, we were ready for anything the day could throw at us. Fortunately for the day, it only threw three performances and two schools our way, instead of impassable snow and traffic jams. If you enjoyed this brief blog about Rotherham and beating the […]

Weekends aren’t usually very taxing, but this weekend fairly took its toll upon my frail mortal body, which is why I haven’t posted until the weekend has been safely stowed away for the next five days. Here are some photos of what transpired. I visited a dear friend who has moved into the London area. […]

I just don’t seem to be able to fit enough into the day. I wanted to write letters, read books, and practise my guitar, but I only ticked the ‘read books’ box then played Need For Speed Road Challenge, which is very engrossing, but also a time-vacuum. There is only one way to sort this […]

Om! Today has been spent reading ‘Raffles The Amateur Cracksman’, which is a rippingly good read! There were many other things I meant to do, but I woke up at half past nine, and didn’t finish breakfast until after midday, which rather foiled my plans for the day. Luckily, I managed to gather enough of […]

My hamstrings have twinged more than usual today, which made it the perfect day to skip on the gym and move book cases and fill them with cases of books. I’ve also added a number of tasty volumes to my reading list. The first to be read is ‘Raffles The Amateur Cracksman’, by E.W. Hornung. […]

Today we had a gig in a village South of Guildford, and were privileged to meet a man who had served in the North African Campaign in the Second World War. He had joined the North Irish Horse regiment, which was posted to Algiers in February 1943 to break the stalemate that had arisen in […]

Whilst scraping the barrel in the local Blockbusters a few nights ago, I gathered a small pile of DVD’s and games that came to £8, or the same price as John Green’s ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, which I’ve been meaning to read for months now. I discarded the DVD boxes and left the shop […]